Seeds Of Tomorrow
Competition entry: northern district masterplan and concept for two building sites.
Themepark City
Graphic Novel
K+P Ingenieure
Cost-effective renovation of the 1980s office unit in Berlin Charlottenburg, in collaboration with K+P Ingenieure, Vincent Möller and Nicolás Gómez Herrera.
Art Museum
Prizewinner: BDA-SRAP Special Award 2018, Baunetz Campus Masters Award 2017, Award of the State Academy 2017
Prototype Laboratory
Design of a laboratory inside an existing building of a former spinning mill factory complex near Stuttgart, collaboration with Vincent Möller, Nicolás Gómez Herrera and Robi Wache Architekten
PopUp Spacestation
Prizewinner: Modern Lightweight Award
Poster design for a competition on the subject of patience.
Residential Complex
Age-appropriate living and barrier-free apartments, work in progress, permit planning and detailed planning
Kegler Klause
Transformation of a former bowling alley into a sake distillery, fermentation laboratory, and the expansion of a restaurant. Collaboration with Vincent Möller and Nicolás Gómez Herrera.
Creative Cluster
Prizewinner: 2nd Place IBA Heidelberg competition
Illustration series based on my own photography works captured in the past
Bunker Repurpose
Research on the reuse of civil Air-Raid Shelters
cooperation with Julie Ramage
Public Bath
Competition Entry
Digital Graffiti
Interactive project, photography, collaboration with Patrick Langermann (costume design for Berlin shootings)
Low Budget Transformer
Object Design
Museum Reutlingen
Competition entry, commissioned work for Space4 Architects
Brasil, Paris & Eastern Europe
Vienna Museum
Prizewinner: competition for the new permanent exhibition of the Vienna Museum, commissioned work for Space4 Architects
Architecture Institute
Competition entry, collaboration with Tuan Nguyen
Bachelor Thesis
Prizewinner: Award for outstanding Bachelor Theses
Private Collection
Commissioned work during internship at Brandlhuber+ Emde, Burlon Architects
Sustainable Highrise
Competition entry, collaboration with Balthasar Weiß
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