The Graphic Novel is about architectural movements and visions from the 1960s and their social relevance today. Many of the dystopias of that time became reality nowadays. The mostly dark forecasts were meant to be a warning, a warning that was ignored. Those visions and theories discuss a wide range of topics from gentrification to climate change.
Numerous collectives have been formed in this period, many of which can be classified as architectural postmodernists. Their agenda united them in the emancipation from the ideals of classical modernism and to return the focus to the human being in order to reconnect architecture back to its inhabitants. Four selected theories of Archigram, Archizoom as well as Guy Debord and Rem Kohlhaas will be discussed.
Their predictions for the future are being recapitulated in the graphic novel by a coherent narrative. The plot uses the theories as tools for analysis from today’s perspective and opens up a current discourse by contrasting the visions of the past with reality.
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