Arthur Neznanow is a multidisciplinary committed artist from berlin. He studied architecture in Darmstadt, later in Vienna, and graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Arthur Neznanow worked as a graphic designer, photographer, architect, and museum designer within innovative offices, including Brandlhuber+ and Kühn Malvezzi.
As an architect, he achieved several winning competition entries, including for the "Landfriedareal" competition of the Heidelberg International Building Exhibition as well as for the Modern Aus- und Leichtbaupreis. He has been awarded the prize for the best project by the Faculty of Architecture several times.For his project Flakturm Umnutzen he received an award of Baunetz as well as from the Bund Deutscher und Polnischer Architekten.
Arthur Neznanow was granted an artist residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and is going to start another artist residency in Edenkoben this year.
His working method is characterized by changing collaborations with artists from different fields, these hold valuable potential to explore alternative approaches and to constantly face new challenges.​​​​​​​
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