The functional requirements for the project were extremely precise: a fast, inexpensive and especially reversible modification of a conventional van into a caravan was required.
A solution was needed that would make it possible to transport several people in the vehicle and provide them with sleeping and cooking facilities. After the modification four persons should be able to travel with the vehicle and additional storage space should be created.
The project started with thoughts about the purchase of a cheap caravan and the restoration of it. During the research, one had to determine regretfully that a caravan brings many unexpected problems too. For example, it is not allowed to park the caravan freely in the city, the insurance is much higher than with a van or car. It is altogether more expensive in purchase and maintenance and one cannot use it as a daily transport vehicle within the city.
The idea with the caravan was therefore rejected and the search was made for a solution which is more practical and cheaper. The new vehicle should be affordable and chosen in such a way, that it can also be used in daily activities as a vehicle. Nevertheless, it should fulfill the minimum functions of a caravan, i.e. sleep and cook, and also offer a certain amount of storage space.
Due to the robust construction, the price and the usual high mileage, a Volkswagen T4 was purchased, which was to be converted into a caravan-like means of transport.
The conversion should also be inexpensive, but above all reversible, so that it should be possible to convert the vehicle back into a regular van with eight seats without great effort. Of great importance was also the time factor, which would be necessary for the conversion from camper to van.
The conversion should be quick and easy. In the camper variant, the van should also be able to transport people, therefore it is requested to make the bed disappear during the day.
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