Vienna Museum

Prizewinner: Competition for the new Permanent Exhibition of the Vienna Museum, Commissioned Work for Space4 Architects

The two-part task was to design the exhibition concept for the entire museum on the basis of one exhibition room. The second part of the task was to design an atmospheric concept for the atrium of the museum.
   Atrium: The exhibition objects designated for the atrium are original sculptures from a Fountain in Vienna and a model of St. Stephen‘s Cathedral over two meters high. The resulting idea was to transfer the relationship between St. Stephen‘s Cathedral and Vienna into the museum. Like reality, with St. Stephen‘s Cathedral as the center of Vienna, the St. Stephen‘s Cathedral model would become the center of the Vienna Museum. The atrium forms the new center and an orientation point inside the museum. In order to oppose the flood of information in the exhibition rooms, the atrium should act as a resting point and slow down the visitor. The fountain figures in the atrium were distributed playfully throughout the room with additional seating for visitors, who can sit next to the figures and relax.
    Exhibition: In the exhibition room, the theme of the second siege of Vienna by the Ottomans had to be presented. The approach here was to introduce the visitor to the theme through a scenic staging and then to convey that there is always more than one perspective when looking at a historical event. The visitor first moves through a turmoil of battle, symbolized by a narrow path between opposing armors, into the room. The visitor is then introduced to the contents in a playful and participatory way. This takes place, for example, with the help of a commander‘s table on which riders and soldiers can be moved on a map. Special emphasis was placed on the possibility of changing the narrator‘s perspective. The story of the siege of Vienna is also presented from the perspective of the Ottomans.
commissioned work for Space4 Architects
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