The competition task was to design a new school next to one that is already existing. The idea was to connect both of them with an extensive park landscape in which the new buildings are going to be distributed in order to create an urban unit within the campus.
The height of the buildings is discreetly staggered due to its orientation towards the surrounding terrain. By following the landscape it is possible to transform a sharp rise in the terrain into an additional quality.
The buildings form a sequence of squares and offer specific outlooks and views. The jointly used multi-purpose building is located between the schools, making use of the rise in the terrain and acting as a connection point and center of the campus. It is located in a direct line of sight to the main entrances and forms an identification point in the district. The classrooms in the school buildings are arranged around a central atrium like wings of a windmill.
Open areas and niches offer the possibility for diverse forms of teaching and learning. The outdoor spaces, containing a biotope, an open-air theatre, experimental areas, are creating diversity and offer individual and communal areas for different age groups.
The facades are uniformly clad with brick and form a homogeneous new ensemble with the existing buildings. Altogether, the buildings are compact and of simple structure communicating a contemporary architectural language.
Competition entry, during internship at AllesWirdGut Architects
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