Dinner For 100

Prizewinner: Award of the State Academy 2014, Interactive Installation

An international symposium on architectural theory should be followed by a celebration and a dinner. The special approach of this installation is the accommodation of all functions within a room. The idea was to gradually activate the space with certain objects within it.  This activation
changes the function and the atmosphere in the process of the evening.
One and the same room simultaneously becomes several rooms that transform into each other.
At the very beginning, the visitor needs to be attracted and lead into the room where everything should take place. This will happen lots of glowing cubes, that are visible from the outside because due to the glass fasade of the event room.
When the visitor then enters the room, he or she will walk through the illuminated
cubes towards a small area. After a while, more and more guests will gather around the bar area at the ob end of the room.  There people will have conversations, exchange ideas and linger until the illuminated cubes are activated. The activation process is simply opening them, making their function as tables for dinner recognizable and so that the guests can take their seats. On the tables within the cubes, the dinner is already served and the evening begins.  After dinner, the dance floor will be activated by light and music. The visitors will leave the cubes when they’re done eating and shake their bodies on the dance floor.
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